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Apr, 2024

Lefty Grove - Game Day Information

Information for the 2024 Lefty Grove Season

1. **Code of Conduct**: All spectators attending games are encouraged to read the "Parent Code of Conduct" (posted under the "Forms" tab on this website), emphasizing that Lefty Grove is a recreational league aimed at teaching youth about baseball. The primary focus is on enjoying the game and learning, rather than intense competition or pressure on young athletes.

Overall, the emphasis is on creating a positive and respectful environment for everyone involved in Lefty Grove baseball games, from players to spectators.

2. **Sportsmanship and Respect**: Parents are reminded that their behavior sets an example for the children participating in the league. It's essential to remain positive and respectful towards players, coaches, and officials, even in challenging situations. The emphasis is on creating a supportive environment for all involved.

3. **Umpires**: Umpires are human and may make mistakes. Parents are encouraged to consider becoming umpires for the league if they believe they can do better. There's recognition of a shortage of certified umpires nationwide and the challenges they face, including dealing with aggressive behavior from spectators.

4. **Consequences of Aggressive Behavior**: The Lefty Grove Board of Directors will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behavior towards players, umpires, or other spectators. Offenders may be trespassed from the property or banned from the park.

5. **Parking Information**: Specific parking areas are designated, including paved lots on both sides of the VFW building, which are reserved for VFW patrons. It's important not to park in these areas to respect the VFW patrons, who have graciously allowed Lefty Grove to use their property. Also the old ACC building has been leased and is no longer available for Lefty Grove Parking. There will be  "No Parking" signs posted. If you have been parking here over the last few years, PLEASE do not park there any longer. Lefty Grove Baseball League has no rights to this lot, and therefore not responsible if your vehicle gets towed.